Homeowners Associations exist to protect and enhance the quality of living in communities. They maintain common areas, enforce deed restrictions, and implement measures to ensure community safety. While the measures adopted differ vastly from one HOA to another, one security upgrade every community should insist their HOA invest in is the deployment of a cutting-edge neighborhood camera system: Flock Safety

Flock Safety camera in a neighborhood

Flock Safety's camera systems are not your ordinary neighborhood surveillance cameras. These highly efficient, solar-powered cameras are strategically placed at the entrances and exits of communities. They provide 24/7 monitoring of vehicles coming and going, both as a deterrent to potential mischief makers and a vehicle for tracking those violating community safety.

Towards a Safer Living Environment: The Flock Safety Advantage 

What sets Flock Safety camera systems apart is the use of Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) technology. This innovative tech captures and stores the license plate details of each vehicle entering or exiting the community. Providing key support in law enforcement's search for, and identification of criminal suspects. 

By requesting the HOA to bear the expense of installing and maintaining Flock Safety cameras, the community at large benefits. The results are safer streets, less crime, and overall better peace of mind for each resident who calls the community their home. 

Safer streets, less crime, and better peace of mind - This is what Flock Safety can provide for your community.

Flock Safety: By the Numbers 

Since its inception in 2017, Flock Safety has demonstrated its uncontestable impact on communities around the United States. Here are some impressive statistics: 

  1. It has helped reduce crime by over 70% in communities where it's in use.
  2. Flock Safety systems are in partnership with over 2,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide.
  3. Thanks to Flock Safety, more than 2,500 communities are safer places to live.
  4. A mind-blowing one billion-plus vehicles are captured by Flock Safety cameras per month.

These numbers demonstrate the formidable track record that Flock Safety boasts in helping to ensure neighborhood security.

Make a Change: Urge your HOA to Invest in Flock Safety 

Now, you understand how essential Flock Safety is for your community. It's a pivotal tool to deter potential criminals, generate higher awareness among residents, and create a living environment that is protected, secure, and reassuring. So, make it your priority to engage your HOA and discuss the installation of Flock Safety cameras in your neighborhood. Remember, everyone benefits from this added layer of security, and your active support could make all the difference.

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